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Savage Street Justice ***GRAPHIC*** Woman is Burned Alive

May 21, 2015
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An angry mob of residents from Rio Bravo Guatemala lynched a young woman, beat her & then burned her alive after she and some of her mates shot dead the driver of a motorcycle taxi, official sources reported.
Residents said that the woman with two other subjects robbed and killed a motorcycle taxi driver, identified as Carlos Enrique Gonz├ílez Noriega, 68, so they started the search for suspected criminals, found them and started they’re own brand of street justice. Two of the suspects escaped the angry mob but the young woman did not and paid for it. The female has not been identified by authorities.

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  1. I know a little more about the story. Someone said she was threatened from people from jail in the main city to go kill a local taxi driver. She didn’t want to do it but they threatened to kill her family. She told the parents to move out of the city but never told them why. They didn’t want to move because she never gave them a good reason. She decided to do as told to protect her mom and dad. That is what I know. I also heard that the guy is still alive but in critical condition. I might be wrong on that though. Even if that was justice, it still looks horrible and whoever burned her will go to hell (assuming he is religious and believes killing someone means going to hell) because he and the rest of the people enjoyed it. I also heard the girl was 16. Very sad. Also sad to be in that situation.


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