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1 Man Vs 1 Jar (Classic Gore)

Mar 29, 2014
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The video starts out in a foreboding but harmless manner; a sealed glass jar sits between the bare legs of a man hovering above. The viewer’s suspicions of what is to happen to the jar are quickly affirmed as the man begins to crouch down over the jar and forcibly insert it into his visibly lubricated anus. Just as the man finishes inserting the jar into his ass, a *crack* is heard from inside of the man’s pooper and the lid pops off with a piece of glass still attached. From here, it all goes downhill, as the man begins to stand up and blood begins to slowly seep out of the man’s asshole onto the floor below. The remainder of the video shows the man patiently trying to fish the shards of broken glass out of his asshole as the pool of blood beneath him grows larger.

But perhaps the craziest part of the whole video is how little reaction the man has to shitting out an assload of blood and broken glass. At no point in the entire video do you hear a single whimper, cringe, or “OW THESE SHARDS OF GLASS ARE HURTING MY ANUS!” And when the man finally finishes removing the last bits of glass from his torn butthole, though at the very last 1.5 seconds of the video after he has stepped back, a loud scream can be heard. Truly one tough (and incredibly sick) bastard.

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