The Front Page Rules are as follows:

– Registering as a member of Gore2Gasm means that you accept and understand the following rules:

– Flooding and spamming are prohibited–violators will receive warnings. Purposeful flooding may result in an instant ban.

-Spam is a link to a site or forum with the only intention being to advertise that site, or sell merchandise or services from that site. Links to sites with aggressive advertising popups is also considered spam. Links used to spam are subject to editing or deletion.

-Vary your sources. Repeated submissions from the same site will be considered spamming and could result in a warning. There’s a whole internet out there, don’t be lazy.

-Flooding is repetitious commenting with the sole purpose being to disrupt a thread.

-Links are not allowed in signatures. Large signatures are not permitted and will be removed by Moderators. Porn is not permitted in avatars or signatures.

-Do not upload pornographic or gore images to imageshack or photobucket for submission as they will be deleted by those sites soon after submitting. is our preferred choice.

-Child porn is prohibited. Images and text, videos, drawings, cartoons, jokes or anything that involves or references child pornography and/or sexual abuse of children are prohibited and will result in an immediate ban and your details will be reported to the authorities.

-Underage/Questionable Age Nudity: If you think the subject may look a bit too young or be mistaken for a minor…don’t take the risk of posting the material. You will be warned or possibly banned.

-Non Personal Porn must be linked. Do not submit porn that is multi-layered, or dex files with links to other vids, pics or websites. This makes it difficult for moderators to validate your submission in a timely manner. The submitting of large video files is also discouraged.

-Personal Porn: As long as these pics are nudity and not porn, no ID is required.
The ID requirement is for members who wish to post porn images of themselves…erections, insertions, sexual acts, etc.
ID info:
Scan your driver’s license, or other form of ID that contains your picture and D.O.B. and contact staff via PM. We will keep this information in the strictest confidence.
Add the phrase “ID On File” to your Personal Porn submission’s Text window….so that the moderators can verify that you’ve submitted your ID.

-Music videos or animation submissions are not allowed.

-Accusations and flames using references of pedophilia or molestation of children is prohibited and will result in a warning.
(In other words, do NOT accuse someone of being a pedophile or child molester)
Gore2Gasm is located on a server inside the US borders and adheres to US laws.

-Bestiality is prohibited. Violators will receive a warning.

-This is an adult site. Minors (under 18 years of age) are not allowed to be a part of this site.

-Posting links to outwar and other internet “hit” wars will result in an immediate ban and your pop-up ID reported to the owner of the gamesite.

-Please keep Private Messages PRIVATE and do not post them in a comment unless PUBLICLY stated by the sender. They are called private messages for a reason. Violators will receive a warning.

-The posting of private/personal information about yourself or others will result in a warning or possible ban.
This does not include Myspace or Facebook urls in your profile – They are OK!

-Threatening is discouraged on this site. A direct threat is when a person says they are going to “Insert your address here” and “date and time” and “illegal act”.
(Provide the admin or mods with the link to where the person made the threat)
Direct threats may result in a warning or ban.

-The repeated posting of racial/hate comments is disruptive to the community and will result in a warning.

-Please do your best to keep your topics posted in the appropriate category.

– All submissions MUST have the ratings enabled. The ONLY exception being Admin or Moderator Announcements.

-There is a three warning system before a banning.*
Upon the third warning you will be banned.
*unless you are a total prick.

-This is a privately owned website. The owner and administrators have the right to delete any material, web site addresses or subject matter that they see fit, in any post, profile or thread.

Any questions, feel free to email me

Incoming search terms:

  • questionable age porn

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  1. DW how do I upload my avatar? please
    reply @ GG member since 2006. I just got back into the scene and a lot has changed. please fill me in on whats going on, or if you don’t have time could you have one of the other like Salty do it?


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