***EXTREMELY GRAPHIC*** Murder Of A Woman

A very graphic and disturbing video shows the murder of a woman by some very evil cunts. No info as to where this took place or when. This video is very graphic in nature, you have been warned!

Sexy Redz

If you’re sleeping with a REDHEAD, raise your glass. If you aren’t, raise your standards!

Pizza Robbers Get Blasted By On Duty Cops Waiting Outside

Robber’s thinking they had an easy heist robbing a pizza joint didn’t count on cops being nearby and waiting outside as they robbed the place. As soon as they’re ready to leave, bullet’s start flying through the door window and cutting down the two suspects.

Drunk Thai Man Is Hit By A Train

A 50 year old Thai man, drunk, tried playing a little chicken with a train and well, let’s just say drunk Thai man 0, train 1. When will they learn? Probably never which means good for us bad for them. Rip drunk man from Thailand.

Head Krush

Early in the morning of Thursday 19th, 2015 a 49-year-old woman died after being hit by a public bus in Epit├ício. The victim identified as Maria Nelia Victory Lima was riding on a motorcycle down the avenue when she tried to pass a car, lost control of the bike and fell under the bus crushing […]

Newly Released Isis Video Shows The Beheading Of 21 Christians

The Islamic State group released another propaganda video Sunday showing the beheading of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians. Militants claimed the video was filmed in Libya, and if true, this is the first time the group claimed to execute hostages outside Iraq and Syria. [1TUBE id=”921″]

A Jordanian Pilot Held Hostage By ISIS Is Burned Alive In Brutal New Video

The video shows a man standing in a cage and engulfed in flames. Intelligence officials are working to confirm it is genuine. Jordan vowed “punishment and revenge”. Lt Kasasbeh was captured when his plane came down near Raqqa, Syria, in December on a mission to support the US-led military coalition against IS. The video posted […]

IS Beheads Japanese Hostage Kenji Goto

As the first Japanese hostage Haruna Yukawa been said to be beheaded last week. Just now footage of Jihad John appeared in which he had A Message to the Government of Japan and he showed hostage Kenji Goto. At the end of the video the beheaded body of Kenji Goto is shown…

ISIS Releases New Video Threatening to Kill Two Japanese Hostages

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) extremist group, which holds swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria, issued a video online on Tuesday purporting to show two Japanese hostages and demanding $200 million from the Japanese government to save their lives. A knife-wielding black-clad figure, standing in a desert area along with two […]