Husband beat, murders & butchered his wife

Betrayal may have been the motive of a crime which shocked the small community known only as Project Settlement in Videl, in rural Bacabeira.
Her husband beat her, killed and butchered his wife into four pieces. The crime happened in the early hours of Sunday and the body was only found yesterday the 25th.
According to information from neighbors, the wife went to a party alone, returning at around 03: 00hs morning, with her husband waiting outside the house. And when she returned her husband accused Raimundo João Castro Filho. 47. There was a disagreement, she was either struck with a blunt object or strangled.
He then carried the body to the edge of the village, where he quartered her and then threw the pieces into a stream. He returned to his house, got what he could and escaped into the night.
A group of boys passing by spotted the body floating and quickly called police. Celia’s body was removed from the water and taken to the morgue in San Luis.

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