Night Shift Nurses Nude

Nurses and their bottoms and boobies… Wonder what those nurses do at night when nobody is around? Thinking about all the naughty things they would do? I think we have some proof here of what our thoughts are… Naughty nurses doing naughty things at night!

Husband beat, murders & butchered his wife

Betrayal may have been the motive of a crime which shocked the small community known only as Project Settlement in Videl, in rural Bacabeira. Her husband beat her, killed and butchered his wife into four pieces. The crime happened in the early hours of Sunday and the body was only found yesterday the 25th. According […]

Prison Riot's In Brazil Leave One Beheaded & Seven Dead

A convict was beheaded and another seven were killed due to a riot within the Presidio of Feira de Santana, located 110 km from Salvador. In addition to the dead, five inmates were injured on Sunday afternoon 24th of May. The riot took place because of a disagreement between two rival gangs within the prison […]

Part 2 Of The Brutal Murder Of a Young Woman

Part two of this horrific & gruesome crime shows us the last few minutes of the beheading and the burial of the body. Part one of the video of the young woman being killed and beheaded with machetes in Salvador, Brazil was released in social networks around May 15th 2015.

Savage Street Justice ***GRAPHIC*** Woman is Burned Alive

An angry mob of residents from Rio Bravo Guatemala lynched a young woman, beat her & then burned her alive after she and some of her mates shot dead the driver of a motorcycle taxi, official sources reported. Residents said that the woman with two other subjects robbed and killed a motorcycle taxi driver, identified […]

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